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About Wild Wonder Wellness

a safe space for you to embody your wholeness, root into your worthiness, and thrive with wellness 




I was born with a purpose, and so were you.

We were all born with a unique purpose - a soul mission that we are here to fulfil. There is only one of you in this world, and that is what makes you a being of Wild Wonder.

Wild Wonder Wellness is here to guide and support you on a journey home to your wholeness, worthiness and wellness so that you can live in alignment with your soul's purpose and shine your light onto this world. 


 A world where the experience of holistic wellness and the joy of living in alignment with one's purpose is equitable to all persons 


To activate and support the embodied self-healing and holistic wellness of persons who have been exposed to trauma, adversities or major stressors through their personal or professional life journey 

We believe that we can achieve and sustain holistic wellness when we remember and stay rooted to our inherent wholeness and worthiness, while seeking to grow with compassion for ourselves, and in alignment with our soul's purpose.  


At Wild Wonder Wellness, we aim to cultivate a

community that is committed to raising 

consciousness, practising

courage through authenticity, expanding our circle of

compassion to include self and others, and

collaborating in efforts that are grounded in social justice to

co-create personal and systemic change in the pursuit of

holistic wellness for all.

What we stand for

  • Less doing and more being (in our bodies)
  • Honouring the wonders of our bodies and minds to heal itself through the right inputs and actions
  • A whole-hearted celebration of the wholeness and individuality of every being 
  • Consciously living in alignment with our sacred purpose and design






Wild Wonder Wellness Defined

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