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Hi, I'm Elia (pronounced as e-lay-ya)! 


I am a dharma-seeker on a mission to live a soul-centered life through the eight-limbed path of yoga. 'Dharma' to me, means truth, (social) justice and living in alignment with one's life purpose.

In 2021, I took a leap of faith to leave my professional 9-to-6 job as a social worker in a specialist centre for interpersonal violence, to manifest my soul's purpose of guiding others on an inner journey to remember their worth, embody their wholeness and thrive in wellness. 

The cumulative effects of being constantly exposed to others' trauma and difficulties led me to experiencing compassion fatigue and burnout as a social worker back in 2020. In an attempt to heal myself, I started practising yoga and applying its principles to my daily life. 

"Compassion is not a relationship between the wounded and the healer. Compassion is a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well, can we be present with the darkness of others." 

- Pema Chodrön

Yoga became the bridge between my mind and body, and helped me reconnect to my soul's purpose. I began to realise that my burnout and poor well-being were mostly a result of my deep sense of unworthiness and inability to embrace my wholeness. I started seeing similar patterns of unworthiness, lack of wholeness and burnout among co-workers and others in the helping/healing professions, and the challenges they faced in navigating their way to meaningful resources and support. 

This led me to founding Wild Wonder Wellness, where I serve others as an embodied healing and integrative wellness coach by supporting them on their inner journey to connect their mind, body and soul, and bring them into alignment with their life purpose. 

my soul mission 


My core mission is to activate and support the embodied self-healing and holistic wellness of persons who have been exposed to trauma or major life stressors through their personal or professional experiences, so that they may thrive in joy and wellness, while living in alignment with their soul's purpose

about my personal life


My first name - Eliarani, literally means ‘Young Queen’ when translated from Tamil to English.

I am born of South Asian (Sri Lankan) and Chinese ancestry though my Chinese ancestral roots were cut off way before my birth, as my mother was raised and adopted by a South Indian family in Singapore as an infant. So, no, I do not speak Mandarin and while my mother tongue is Tamil, I never fully appreciated the beauty of the language until it was a little too late. 

From an early age, I began identifying myself, not by the various identities arising from my cultural roots, ethnicity, nationality, religion, the generation I was born in (1990s) or even my family-of-origin, but by the purpose and mission I was here to fulfil. As a result of my own experience of a chaotic childhood, I became strongly motivated by a mission to serve others in a way that could enhance their lives. It was the only thing that kept me going and that provided a sense of meaning for my life. The drive to be of service to others in some way or form is what led me to become a helping professional - specifically, a social worker in the field of trauma, violence, abuse and neglect. 

my circle of competencies 


What others are saying 

"Elia is very professional at her work and the 30-minute discovery call before the coaching sessions helped set expectations on what she can and cannot do. She will not give you answers - instead, she will listen attentively and skillfully guide you towards the answers that you already possess. I felt that it was particularly empowering to be able to hear myself articulate what I want for myself. Elia would then play the supporter role and provide me the encouragement and assurance that I need to go forth."

Joycelin, Social Worker, Singapore 


"I took Elia’s 4-week wellness programme hoping to learn more about my dharma, and right from the discovery call prior to the programme, I was drawn in by her sincerity and professionalism in seeking to create genuine value for me. Elia focused purely on uncovering my needs and helped me to identify key tools and roadmaps to align my purpose with myself in a way could be used in any aspect of my life.

Elia’s constant care and deep listening allowed me to trust her and maximize my learnings from her, and I have no doubt that her empathy driven methodology will be able to make a difference to anyone seeking to better themselves in any way."

Thashalan, Business Development Manager, Singapore 

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